Matthew Perry: But I have to admit - before I got this show, and I was described that way, I didn’t know what ‘acerbic’ meant.

Lisa Kudrow: You said that… Did you just say that…?

Matthew Perry: I did. I’d freely admit it to America, I didn’t quite know what it meant - because there’s a weird ‘S/C’ spelling thing going on in that word, and I can never handle it or grasp it.

Kudrow, LeBlanc, Cox, and Perry on Chandler Bing (x)

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I’m crazy about us.

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I’ve been recognized, this happens all the time!

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Joey and Phoebe as shippers.

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this isn’t sometimes; yeah, it’s for always
if I’m gonna love you with all of my heart
and if there is no more time, this always remains
even as the world spins itself apart
cause I remember them days, I waited so patiently
for god to bring someone who’s gonna be good to me

and then he blessed my soul

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Ross’s dad giving Ross great advice at weddings

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